As a ministry of the church, St. Joachim Parish School is a Catholic faith community which provides strong religious values that are integrated into all aspects of school life. This is clearly evident in our sports programs, as students learn the importance of honesty, fairness, cooperation, sportsmanship, and teamwork. While it is important to teach the concept of different sports, at St. Joachim we strive to teach that it is not all about winning, but rather how one plays, and to be more aware of others, than the outcome of the particular event.  In collaboration with parents as primary educators, the school community endeavors to develop the whole child: mind, body and soul.


Fall Sports:  Girls Volleyball, Boys Flag Football, Cross Country, Roller Hockey

Winter Sports: Boys and Girls Basketball

Spring Sports: Softball, Boys Volleyball, Boys and Girls Track & Field






Volleyball is offered in the fall for 5th-8th grade girls and in the spring for 5th-8th grade boys. Girls volleyball games begin mid-September. Boys volleyball games begin mid-March.

Friday Fun Run

Friday Fun Run is open to students and their families of all ages. Group meets in the parking lot of Back Bay Interpretive center beginning in August through November. Participants can choose between a short or long run ending with refreshments and fun. (Release and emergency forms must be completed prior to participating.) Meet time is 4pm for warm-ups and stretching, followed by one of the following runs: Loop #1 0.8 miles, Loop #2 1.2 miles, Loop #3 1.5 miles. The run will finish around 4:30-4:45.

Golf Club

This will be our 4th season for the St. Joachim Golf Club.  Students in grades K-8 are eligible to participate. Once a month (beginning in October), students can either play 9 holes or take a group lesson from one of the golf professionals at Costa Mesa Country Club.

Roller Hockey

The inaugural season for the St. Joachim In-Line Hockey Team is here! The team will be comprised of boys and girls from 5th-8th grades.

Track and Field

Track & Field is offered to boys & girls in grades 1-8. Practices for our team begin mid-March. Meets will be held at Saddleback College in mid-May.


Our basketball program is for  boys & girls in grades 5-8.  Our Junior Varsity teams are comprised of 5th & 6th grade athletes and Varsity is comprised of 7th & 8th grade athletes. Teams may begin practices in November with games starting in January.

Cross Country

This is a new sport offered in the fall season for 5th-8th grade boys & girls. We hope to have 2-meets this year in the month of October.  Meets will be held at the Upper Newport Bay Trails (Back Bay Interpretive Center, 2301 University Dr., Newport Beach, CA).


Flag Football is offered to 5th-8th grade boys.   Junior Varsity will be comprised of 5th and 6th graders and Varsity will be comprised of 7th & 8th graders.  This is a fall program.  Games begin mid-September.