For its Community-
“We are willing to drive from Irvine multiple times a day because St. Joachim Catholic School is a truly unique environment. In the seven years we have been at the school, we have learned that St. Joachim is a community of teachers, students, and parents all working together toward the same common goal. It is a small, safe environment for our children to experience successes and challenges. We are confident that the St. Joachim Family has helped our children grow into respectful, confident, compassionate individuals. I really do thank God each day for the gift of our school.”

“One of the rewards for sending your children to St. Joachim is the sense of community and life-long friends that not only your kids will make, but the ones the parents will make!"

“St. Joachim School makes you feel like you belong. It makes you feel important and like you can be whoever you want to be. St. Joachim is my second family who I can trust and always lean on for support.”
An 8th Grade Student

“I am happy being a Sea King because the school is so small we are all like family. We get along so well with each other. My class has become so close through the years. I love my school, St. Joachim, so much and I am so fortunate that I am able to attend.”
A 7th grade Student

For its Education-
“This school does much more than just educate your children. The education is above average and continues to challenge my children. They learn how to think on their own. But it is the extras that it gives for which I am grateful and VERY impressed. They learn to be great communicators and public speakers. The teachers and staff work VERY hard at helping and supporting the children.”

“I loved my experience at St. Joachim School. The teachers are caring and supportive. Not only did they help me grow academically but spiritually as well. The education I received at St. Joachim fully prepared me for Mater Dei High School.”

For its Spirituality-
“St. Joachim School is a true reflection of a community. I have worked here for ten years and one element that has not changed is how dedicated everyone is to learning, sharing, and growing closer to God. “

“When asked what she loves most about St. Joachim, our first grader proudly replied: ”Having God in my heart when I’m working, helping me get smarter.”"

“St. Joachim is more than just a school. It not only has excellent academics, but core Christian values are taught everyday.”